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XSD type sand washer

"XSD series wheel sand washer is the high-efficiency sand washing machine developed by usaccording to the users' feedback and foreign advanced technology..."...

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XSD type sand washer

Product introduction

XSD series wheel sand washer is the high-efficiency sand washing machine developed by us
according to the users' feedback and foreign advanced technology, and it is normally used with sand making machine together. When working, the sand will grind one another driven by vane 、wheel, remove the impurities wrapped the surface of sand, meanwhile, destroy the vapor layer wrapped with the sand, then the washing function completed in the powerful water flow. It is suitable for washing, grading and decontaminating several of fine and coarse material in metallurgy, material construction, and water and electricity industries. Especially it is suitable for building sand and road use.


1 Combined washing, de-watering and grading functions together.
2 Highest capacity can get to 80 tph for single machine.
3 Whole sealing oil-bath transmission gear, avoiding bearings got damage caused by soaking, sand and contaminant.
4 Low water consumption and wear well.


Screw diameter (mm)
Tub length (mm)
Selected size (mm)
Capacity (t/h)
Speed of screw (r/min)
Water consumption (t/h)
Motor power (kw) 
Weight (t) 
Dimension (mm) 


Fast transition and wider application

Adopting highly integrated design concept, the whole machine has compact structure and reasonable layout. In any terrain conditions, you can reach any location on the work site. It has high flexibility, saves transportation costs for users, effectively reduces costs, and can meet the needs of different customers.

Green environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption

In response to the national environmental protection call, production is organized in full accordance with national environmental protection standards. With strong technical support, continuously improve product technology. Effectively deal with the dust generated in the production process to reduce environmental noise. To ensure that every customer has no worries after production.

Digital processing of modern processing base

Modern CNC machine tool production line, the entire process is digitally controlled, and the processing accuracy is high. Provide sufficient equipment strength and durability to ensure the overall performance of the equipment. Ensure that the equipment is high-yield, efficient and low-cost during operation to meet the higher requirements of customers.

High quality requirements for structural upgrades

Fully consider the safety and reliability of the equipment, and upgrade some parts of the structure. At the same time, the production process is optimized to ensure that the equipment meets the needs of users for different configurations under the same use conditions and creates greater value for customers.

Optimized design of integrated control system

High-quality raw materials and reliable design reduce operational risks by simplifying production line operations while improving safety performance. Make the operation easier, and then effectively reduce the labor and time operation costs, and provide customers with a high-quality, safe and comfortable operating environment.

One-stop pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure maximum customer benefits

Customer-centric, providing comprehensive, fast, proactive and timely quality services. Establish a one-stop service system such as pre-sales consultation, scheme design, site planning, equipment transportation and installation, and after-sales training and maintenance to ensure greater return on investment for customers.